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1. Land Surveyor Reference Manual (Engineering Review Manual Series)
by Andrew L. Harbin
2. 1001 Solved Surveying Fundamentals Problems
by Jan Van Sickle, Jan Van Sickle
A reviewer, July 16, 1999
Very helpful and well organized
This books really covers all the basics in Surveying, from Boundary Law to GPS. If you want to prepare yourself for a national exam, you should have it. I would say that once you learn everything in it, you are at a level between the LSIT and the LS. Contains lots of precious information and will...
3. Land Development Handbook
by Dewberry, et al
From Book News, Inc. , August 1, 1996
A comprehensive reference on the land development design process, for professionals including engineers, planners, surveyors, architects, attorneys, and developers. Sections on local government planning and regulatory functions; securing project approvals; site analysis; environmental...
4. Surveying Principles for Civil Engineers : Review for the Engineering Surveying Section of the California Special Civil Engineer Examination
by Paul A. Cuomo
A reviewer, October 27, 1999
good material, but needs much more editing
If you actually work through this material enough to figure things out (as I did to help an engineer preparing for the PE exam), you'll learn lots of good stuff. The content usually seems right on target, and the practice questions are often very relevant.
However, some sections of the book do not...
5. Solutions Manual for the Land Surveyor Reference Manual
by Andrew L. Harbin
6. Basic Surveying
by W. S. Whyte, et al
7. Gps for Land Surveyors
by Jan Van Sickle, Jan Van Sickle
From Book News, Inc. , November 1, 1996
An introduction to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and a practical guide to the techniques used in a GPS survey. Van Sickele, a surveyor himself, simplifies the math while still presenting the most important elements of the GPS design and technology, covering biases and solutions, receivers and...
8. Softdesk Civil : Using the Power of Softdesk
by Phillip J. Zimmerman
Book Description
Perfect for those people who are starting or continuing their career in surveying or civil engineering. This book adds actual design and drafting tools to basic AutoCAD training. It offers reviews of concepts and tools used in survey and civil engineering within the context of the AutoCAD...
9. Land Surveyor-In-Training - Sample Examination (Land Surveyor Review Series)
by George M. Cole
Geremy J Russell , January 7, 2000
Good starting place for LSIT
While this book will not totally prepare you for the exam, it will give you a basic idea of the format and content. The Land Surveyor Reference Manual is a very good book for in-depth study.
10. Brown's Boundary Control and Legal Principles, 4th Edition
by Curtis M. Brown, et al
Booknews, Inc. , September 1, 1995
This reference on land boundary law, measurements, evaluation of evidence, and boundary traditions and customs covers the legal elements of determining boundary location and the federal and state laws that govern these principles. This fourth edition contains new material on the distinction between...
11. Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Introductory Surveying
by James R. Wirshing, R. H. Wirshing
Book Description
A solved-problem approach to the principles of surveying intended for use by civil engineering students. It includes examples and solved-problems on: methods, computation of stadia distance, construction surveys, curves, slopes
12. Surveying: Theory and Practice
by James M. Anderson, Edward M. Mikhail
Book Description
This updated edition contains the same breadth and depth as previous editions with pertinent chapter topics divided into two parts. Part A covers elementary topics and Part B covers advanced topics. This innovative design, coupled with the most recent developments in technology, complements first-...
13. Elementary Surveying
by Paul R. Wolf, et al
From Book News, Inc. , April 1, 1994
New edition of the classic surveying textbook. The seventh edition, of 1984, is cited in BCL3. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
14. Adjustment Computations : Statistics and Least Squares in Surveying and Gis (3rd Ed) (Wiley Series in Surveying and Boundary Control)
by Paul R. Wolf, Charles D. Ghilani (Contributor)
Book News, Inc.
A comprehensive guide for adjusting to measurement error, providing an up-to-date treatment of every aspect of least squares adjustment, the most rigorous procedure for computing adjustment to measured data. Begins with basic principles and proceeds to the development of proper mathematical and... Read more
15. GPS Satellite Surveying, 2nd Edition
by Alfred Leick
From Book News, Inc. , June 1, 1995
Using a network of orbiting satellites, the Global Positioning System (GPS) now makes it possible for ground-based technicians with hand- held monitors to determine their positions with a degree of precision previously unachievable by traditional surveying methods. This revised and updated...
16. Elements of Photogrammetry
by Paul R. Wolf
Book Description
The first new edition in 13 years, incorporates recent changes on the subject of streamlining from advances in computers. Their ever increasing speed and storage capabilities have directly led to an entire new approach in photogrammetric mapping known as "Soft-Copy" photogrammetry. Digital Imaging... Read more
17. Civil Surveying Practice Exam for the California Special Civil Engineer Examination
by James R. Monroe
I bought this book as a part of my PE exam preparation. After finishing the exam with some friends, we were so frustrated that many problems in the book were given with wrong answers. One of my friends who failed the exam once commented that it did not reflect the real exams. I would not recommend...
18. Surveying Review for the Civil Engineer
by Jack Liu, P.E. Civil Engineer Jack Liu
Book Description
Written for civil engineers who must take the Engineering Surveying exam as part of the CE/PE exam. The brief chapters cover Horizontal Curve, Vertical Curve, Traverse, Area, Topographic Survey, Photogrammetry, Construction Survey, Leveling, and Engineering Practice. Contains over 70 example and...
19. Gps for Geodesy
by Peter J. G. Teunissen(Editor), Alfred Kleusberg (Editor)
20. Handbook for Marine Surveying
by Thomas Ask
Textbook for students and professionals
As reviewed by Sailing-Inland and Offshore
"This is a textbook for students of marine surveying, boating professionals and technically-minded boat owners. It is structured into sections for easier reading. Essential information is provided in the first primer section, where subjects range from...
21 Surveying
by Francis H. Moffitt(Preface), John D. Bossler (Preface)
Book Description
The practice of modern surveying is undergoing rapid change due to the availability of electronically controlled instruments, the widespread adoption of the Global Positioning System (GPS), and the proliferation of various geographic Land Information Systems (GIS/LIS). Nevertheless, the principles...
22. Intelligent Gis : Location Decisions and Strategic Planning
by Mark Birkin, et al
The publisher, John Wiley & Sons
This book describes the principles and applications of spatial modeling and GIS and demonstrates its use in location decisions and strategic planning. It shows how it can be used to analyze the huge amount of data available to industry to help researchers make informed decisions. Considers the type...
23. History and Topography of Ireland
by Gerald of Wales, John O'Meara (Translator)
I found the chapters relating ot the topography of Ireland to be seriously flawed and containing inaccurate descriptions of the rivers and areas of Ireland. However it does give a very good idea of the mindset of the early Norman invaders in their conquest of Ireland and offers some to moder day...
24. Surveying: Principles and Applications
by Barry F. Kavanagh, S. J. Glenn Bird
The publisher, Prentice-Hall Career & Technology
Kavanagh provides students and practitioners with both surveying theory and real-world practice in mapping and engineering surveys. The Fourth Edition has retained and enhanced the approach taken in previous editions by covering all the basic principles and practices of surveying in an easy-to-read,...
25. Practical Surveying and Computations
by A. L. Practical Field Surveying and c Allan
The first edition of this long-established textbook was published in 1963 as Practical Field Surveying and Computations (Allan, Hollwey, and Maynes). The present edition is completely rewritten to take account of the profound changes in surveying methods and applications that have resulted from the...


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