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  • AIM Advanced Information Management - Data mining and risk-management solutions for the analysis and prediction of financial markets data, offers complete software solutions, consulting, seminars and software components.
  • Algorithmics - A provider of innovative enterprise-wide financial risk management software that enables financial institutions to proactively manage risk and allocate capital more efficiently.
  • Amelia Financial Systems - Suppliers of Operational Risk Management software and consultancy, for self assessment and added value internal audit.
  • Americas Software specializes in Anti-Money Laundering Software - Americas Software specializes in anti-money laundering and transaction trend monitoring software for domestic and international financial organizations.
  • Analytic Risk Solutions - ARS offers a combination of experience and the state-of-the-art analytical skills and tools needed to provide risk analysis, valuation and hedging advice.
  • Arc Online - Arc sets new standards of performance and functionality for global, real-time credit risk management software.
  • Asset Control International - Managing the risk in market data with a data model. Ensure the availability of reliable and consistent market data to any business unit, all over the world.
  • BITA Plus - A leader in advanced portfolio analytics and optimization software, used by Quantitative Fund Managers and Portfolio Traders to understand, control and report on risk, and to test investment strategies through rigorous back testing.
  • Blackburn Group, Inc. - Firm offers integrated risk management software products serving businesses worldwide. RiskPro(R) products and services.
  • CAMS Consultants - Firm provides free property development and management software, including due diligence, feasibility studies, life cycle costing, and asset maintenance.
  • CARDdecisions Inc. - Company markets enterprise risk and assurance software for various industries involved with risk management.
  • Cigital - Company provides software risk management for essential software, offering methodologies and services that help organizations deliver reliable, secure, and safe software. Formerly known as Reliable Software Technologies.
  • CorProfit Systems - Developers of the KnowRisk, risk management software system.
  • Credix - Provides pre-packaged data warehouse software and decision support consulting services that enable financial institutions to manage credit risk on a portfolio basis.
  • Cyclick Software - Software for business risk management and Turnbull compliance.
  • DART - Developer of derivatives trading software and provider of bespoke financial software development and services.
  • dbs Financial Systems - Suppliers of treasury and financial software to the global banking community. Publishers of dbsDealManager for Windows.
  • Decisioneering - Risk management software and desktop decision intelligence software tools.
  • Dependency, Risk & Decision Support - Dependency Modeling (DM) is a methodology supported by a software tool and uses top-down, goal-oriented logic to help you build relevant, realistic models that can be easily translated into actionable reports.
  • Derivative Trading Systems - Firm markets front-end Treasury management software system for dealing in the financial markets. Real-Time prices, historical data, graphs, analytics and calculators.
  • DoubleCheck - Software helps reduce check fraud losses.  
  • EXVaR Risk Management - Financial risk management in real-time. Full Monte-carlo Value-at-Risk. Integrated credit and market Risk, probabilistic and deterministic stress scenarios. Chosen by Paris exchange.
  • Financial Engineering and Risk Management Workshop - The Workshop meets on Fridays in Downtown Chicago.
  • FinCalc - Financial analytics & Risk management - Microsoft Excel based tools that covers bonds, money market instruments, futures, options, interest rate swaps, caps and floors and swaptions.
  • FRI Corporation - Offers complete, comprehensive solutions and superior customer service to the international investment community. Solutions include comprehensive securities information services and asset, trading and risk management software.
  • Goals at Risk - Software package that employs a scenario generator coupled with an asset liability model and an optimizer that systematically evaluates different strategies and arrives at the best solution quickly.
  • Guideline - Guideline software provides risk analysis systems that assist companies in managing risk and corporate governance issues.
  • Intermark Solutions - Provides risk management and trading system software supporting trading of options, foreign exchange, swaps, equities, metals, bonds, repos, commodities with risk analysis and portfolio management.
  • International Financial Systems - MarginMan is a risk management application for Collateralised Trading. Site offers a downloadable demo.
  • IRIS - Provides integrated financial risk and profitability analysis software products covering all financial products (e.g., derivatives and options) for financial services, insurances and large corporations.
  • ISO14000 Guide - Pre-written ISO14000 templates, step-by-step guide and free online assessment of your companies' progress.
  • Jade Software - Java-based solutions for enterprise and risk management, building management, fixed asset management or vehicle fleet management.
  • Lattice Financial - Provides risk management and optimization software for the financial services industry.
  • Lombard Risk Management - Trading and risk management software, consultancy for banking, e-government and financial training.
  • Mathematical Finance Company - Produces stochastic scenarios of interest rates, stock indices, and other economic variables based on an underlying arbitrage free two factor interest rate model. Produces both real probability scenarios and risk neutral probability scenarios.
  • Methodware Limited - Flexible, affordable, and intuitive software solutions for Risk and Operational Risk Management, Internal Audit, and IT Management and Control. Some products incorporate internationally recognized methodologies E.I.: COBIT and COSO.
  • MicroHedge Portfolio Risk - is an add-on application which allows you to combine the risk and profit & loss data of a number of positions in order to monitor the risk characteristics and P&L of an entire portfolio.
  • MKIRisk - Enterprise-wide financial risk management and global limits management solutions for the banking industry.
  • Monis Software - Monis is the world’s largest independent supplier to the derivatives analytics market, supplying full trading systems; spreadsheet-based portfolio systems; instrument libraries; and proprietary data.
  • Moody's Quantitative Risk Analytics - Analytical tools that are a set of products and services that help investors assess credit risk within an objective quantitative framework.
  • Mosaic, Inc. - Software Risk Management Services that are designed to identify and reduce the risks inherent in developing software systems.
  • NumeriX - Advanced Analytics - A suite of innovative software development toolkits that provide speed and flexibility for derivatives pricing and risk management.
  • Optial UK Limited - Solutions for financial risk management, corporate compliance management, ISO certification and corporate governance.
  • OSA - Provides strategic management consulting.
  • Panalytix - Front and middle-office trading and risk-management system for interest rate derivatives with advanced term structure models: Multi-factor HJM Market Model (BGM/J), BK/BDT, Hull-White.
  • Pro-Active Safety Management Ltd. - Specialists in all forms of risk assessment. Systems setup and customised to best addres your companies requirements. Systems incorporating manual handling and hazardous substance assessment available. Training in risk, hazardous substance and manual handling assessment available.
  • Professional Options Package - PMpublishing's "POP" is a RMS for options traders. It is designed by floor traders.
  • RAMS® - The product lines supported include, but are not limited to, Treasuries, Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs), CMOs, Floaters, Mortgage Backed Securities, over-the-counter treasury and mortgage backed options, zero coupon/strips, corporate bonds, high yield bonds, convertible securities, equities, International Fixed Income bonds, currencies, futures, and options.
  • Reuters Risk Management - Offers risk management products and complementary services to identify, measure and manage financial risk in global trading operations and investments.
  • Risk Dimensions - SAS Institute's Risk Dimensions enables users to perform firm-wide risk management and provides them with an open, flexible, and extensible environment for measuring and managing market and credit risk.
  • Risk Engineering, Inc. - Provider of innovative software which evaluates economic risk of insured and reinsured properties based on various hurricane and earthquake scenarios.
  • RiskBook - employs a unified and consistent analytical framework, known as temporal simulation, to generate multiple risk measurement results from a single analytical process.
  • RiskCenter - A portal site for financial professionals whose responsibility is to measure or manage business risks.
  • RiskMetrics Group - Products include transparent and tested methodologies, cleaned and derived risk data, and complete software applications. For those interested in market risk see RiskMetrics and RiskManager. For those interested in credit risk, see CreditMetrics and CreditManager. And for non-financial institutions, see CorporateMetrics and CorporateManager.
  • RiskVision - A custom risk management solution that integrates user-designed business rules with flexible software front-end and a core group of powerful back-end processes.
  • Ron D'Vari - State-of-the-art innovative techniques for disciplined investment management, financial/operational risk management, portfolio analytics, and financial engeineering.
  • Sierra ASP - A financial portal providing trading and risk management tools.
  • UnRisk Pricing Engine for Mathematica - Software for the fast, precise and robust pricing of financial derivatives (equity and fixed income), based on the new method of Adaptive Integration.
  • Vinga System - Advanced software for Risk Analyzis and real-time information.
  • WMS-Construction - IRAM - Construction claims software that provides guidance for contractors, owners and others to identify, avoid and manage potential contract claims, disputes and risks.
  • Xenomorph - A leading provider of trading, risk management and technology solutions to the capital markets industry

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