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  • 3D View - software to visualize, measure and markup 3D native CAD/CAM models
  • 3Di - an open GL-based rendering technology that enables users working in a standard Web browser to manipulate and add images and textures to photographic images. From Cre8tiv.
  • 3ds max (formerly 3D Studio Max) - 3D animation and modeling software for character animation, generation game development and visual effects production. Works with the Character Studio plug-in, for creating crowd scenes, whether animal or human. From Discreet, a division of Autodesk.
  • 4D Graphics - makers of 4D Design
  • AccuRender - photorealistic rendering add-on for AutoCAD (reviews)
  • Adobe - creators of Photoshop and Illustrator, plus such Web tools as Atmosphere, for creating realistic and immersive environments online, and SVG Viewer, a browser plug-in to render scalable vector graphics
  • Advanced Visual Systems - makers of software for analyzing and displaying large amounts of data, including AVS/Express
  • Amapi 3D - 3D modeling application offers tools such as NURBS, polygonal curves and Gordon surfaces. Runs on both Windows and Macintosh OS. From Eovia.
  • Amorphium Pro - modeling and animation software that creates 3D objects using real-time 2D brushes and design tools. From Electric Image, Inc.
  • Anark new Arete Image Software - makers of photorealistic oceanographic and atmospheric software, including Digital PyroTools to create realistic fire, smoke and water effects
  • Autodesk VIZ (formerly 3D Studio VIZ) - create and communicate designs in a real-time 3D visualization environment (reviews)
  • Bionatics - procedural 3D plant modeling technology, delivers a complete suite of professional solutions for 3D photorealistic plant & outdoor simulations.
  • Boujou - provides fully automated 3D camera tracking and calibration from film or video material. From 2D3.
  • Camtasia - a suite of tools that captures the action and sound from any part of the Windows desktop and saves it to a standard AVI movie file or streaming video, for computer-based training, product demonstrations and sales and technical presentations. From TechSmith Corp.
  • Carrara Studio - graphics application for both Macintosh and Windows handles 3D modeling, animation, rendering and special effects, from Eovia (reviews)
  • Ceetron - makers of high-speed 3D visualization and animation software for finite element analysis programs
  • Christie Digital Systems - producer of high-performance projection technologies, including the world's first stereoscopic 3-D digital projector
  • Corel Graphics - Corel Draw, Photopaint, Designer, more
  • CValley, Inc. - makers of Adobe Illustrator plug-ins for CAD: BluePrintTools-Pro, to draw simple blueprints, design with dimension lines and measure over a curved line; and EXDXF-Pro, to convert bézier curves from Illustrator to a smooth line with minimal anchor points
  • Cycore - makers of  Web-based interactive 3D graphics software, including, Cult3D and PuppetTime
  • Deneba Software - CAD and graphics software for both Windows and Mac OS platforms (DenebaCAD reviews)
  • Discreet - makers of systems and software for digital image creation, manipulation and editing. Products are: 3ds max, 3D Autodesk VIZ, Lightscape, edit, fire, smoke, flame, flint, combustion, inferno, frost, character studio, reactor and infrastructure.
  • DigArts - imaging tools and media for artists, designers and architects including tree & foliage visualization products that work like paints in Painter & Paint Shop Pro
  • Flamingo - raytracing and radiosity for Rhino, by Robert McNeel
  • formZ - 3D solid modeling, visualization and rendering software (reviews)
  • Ghost 3D - makers of 3D object modeling, digitizing and conversion/importing plug-ins for 3ds max and VIZ. Applications include ResErect, Scribe-iT, Surf-iT and MicroScribe-MAX.
  • GroundCrew - generate procedural surface maps and texture surfaces, by Digimation (reviews)

  • IDELIX Software Inc. - specializes in software to improve the presentation of data and images on computing devices
  • ImageCELs - clip-art libraries from IMAGETECTS featuring photorealistic images of people, trees, shrubs, cars and trucks and tropical plants
  • ImageStudio - rendering software for transforming 3D models into visuals, by Alias (reviews)
  • Interactive Product Animator - windows based animation package integrated into PTC, I-DEAS, SolidWorks and other MCAD products. By Immersive Design.
  • Intergraph - engineering model rendering and animation
  • IPA - generates interactive Web-based animations from 3D product model assemblies created by the leading CAD systems. From Immersive Design. (reviews)
  • Jig - an open, extensible program with multiple rendering algorithms that can be combined in one scene to create multiple effects. From Steamboat Software.
  • Kelseus - makers of CLOTH technology, which allows users to create realistic animations of clothes and fabric
  • Lightscape - radiosity-enhanced images for photorealistic images, will be retired by by Autodesk in January 2003 (reviews)
  • LightWave 3D - 3D graphics and animation by NewTek (reviews)
  • LightWork Design - makers of rendering, simulation and visualization software, including LightWorks, a rendering tool for producing photorealistic 3D images and animations; LightWorks Real-time Plus add-on for interactive rendering; and LightWorks Sketch, a rendering product that provides the ability to instantly create non-photorealistic, impressionistic and stylized design renderings
  • LizardTech - makers of an application suite including Content Server, to view high-resolution photos and scanned documents; MrSID, to reduce high-resolution photos and images; and DjVu, to reduce scanned documents 50 to 100 times smaller than PDF files
  • MatchMover - camera tracking with computer graphics, by REALVIZ
  • Maya - create digital imagery, 3D animation and visual effects, by Alias
  • mental ray - rendering software that combines the physically correct simulation of the behavior of light with full programmability to create photorealistic imagery and visual effects
  • Micrografx Designer - graphics software for schematics, drafting, technical illustration, image editing and Web graphics. From Micrografx.
  • Neon - 3D publishing tool to create 3D models, renderings, and animations and output them to the Web. From Ashlar-Vellum.

  • Nverse Photo - plug-in for Autodesk VIZ and 3ds max can model and texture huge 3D urban scenes from aerial photos. From Precision Lightworks.
  • Okino Computer Graphics - graphics applications include NuGraf Rendering System (photorealistic rendering software), PolyTrans (3D model translation software) and NuGraf Developer's 3D Toolkit (3D photorealistic component libraries for software developers) (reviews)
  • Open Inventor - a full-featured object-oriented framework for building interactive 3D graphics applications. From TGS.
  • Opticore - makers of 3D real-time software for interactive product visualization, including Opus Realizer, to create visual effects such as automatic reflections and shadows and real-time lighting and editing; and Opus Studio, to visualize and analyze data before any physical prototypes are built
  • ParallelGraphics - makers of many Web-based applications for creating and viewing of 3D objects, including Cortona VRML, VRMLPad (and its plug-in Extrusion Editor), Internet Space Builder, Internet Model Optimizer and Outline3D, an online tool for marketing products within a real-time environment.
  • PhotoModeler  - use photographs to create 3D models. Exports to DXF, 3DS, VRML and other formats. By Eos Systems Inc.
  • Piranesi - post-rendering visualization by Informatix (reviews)
  • The Plugin Site - helps to manage and preview image formats, plug-ins, and other graphics tools from image, animation, video and 3D applications. From Harald Heim.
  • Presenter 3D - photorealistic rendering, animation, presentation, and publishing tool for visual product communication, by Digital Immersion Software
  • Quest3D - create architectural virtual reality presentations from CAD designs
  • Radiance - physical lighting simulation system used to create realistic scenes, open source, by Greg Ward Larson
  • RenderCity - site allows users to create architectural renderings online for free by modeling with DesignWorkshop or other Radiance-compatible 3D CAD software. From Artifice Inc.
  • RenderPipe for MAYA - a plug-in that provides an interface between RenderDrive, ART's 3D rendering system, and Maya, the 3D modeling and animation software from Alias
  • Right Hemisphere - makers of texturing and painting 3D graphics software, including Deep Paint 3D and Texture Weapons
  • Scene7 - offers interactive imaging tools that transform static digital product lists into interactive catalogs, allowing customers to adjust a product's colors, textures and patterns
  • SGI - makers of OpenGL Multipipe and OpenGL Multipipe Software Development Kit, for SGI's Onyx visualization systems
  • Shade  - 3D graphics toolkit for designers, illustrators and architects, by Curious Labs (reviews)
  • SHAPES -  3D modeling suite contains core geometry modules for general-purpose use and for geometry and topology applications. From XOX Corporation.
  • Softimage - modeling and rendering for building and product visualization
  • Stitcher - for integration of CG elements into live action footage, by REALVIZ
  • TGS - interactive 2D/3D visualization developer toolkits and PC/Mac desktop applications
  • Time's Up - makers of immersive tools, including SPIN, the spherical projection interface in which the user literally enters a virtual world by stepping inside a 3-meter diameter translucent ball and is tracked by five projectors.
  • trueSpace - NURBS-based modeling and animation 3D software for interactive Web, graphic and product design and game markets. From Caligari Corporation. (reviews)
  • trueSpace for IntelliCAD - allows users to create 3D models, photorealistic renderings and keyframe animations, with a full set of NURBS tools. From CADopia.
  • Universe - modeling and animation tool by Electric Image (reviews)
  • VectorWorks SPOTLIGHT - combines drafting and modeling technology with lighting design and production tools to create light plots, automate paperwork and visualize design concepts in 3D. From Nemetschek North America.
  • Vue d'Esprit - realistic 3D scenery, rendering features includes volumetric effects, glowing materials, lens flares, stars and planets, rocks, more, by e-on (reviews)
  • Virtue3D Room Designer - a Web-based room design application that allows furniture customers to design and "walk-through" their living spaces online
  • Virtus Corporation - ConceptCAD, visualization and modeling
  • Visualistic - presentation tool converts 3D CAD models into 3D real-time images. From Getme Ltd.
  • Visviva Authoring Studio - offers integrated object design, animation composition, 3D modeling, image painting, vector drawing and hypertext editing
  • ZBrush - renders 3D geometry, materials and textures in real-time without the need for graphic accelerators. From Pixologic, Inc.



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