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  • Accelis - Web-centric e-business integration software for manufacturing, from PLM Solutions.
  • ACS Software - providers of the AutoEDMS document management and workflow solution for CAD departments and multi-site enterprises
  • Altris eB - an integrated document management suite from Spescom Software Inc. (formerly Altris).
  • Archive Index Systems - production scanners, CD-ROM equipment, document imaging software and document imaging over the Internet
  • Arena PLM - facilitates collaborative product development through a suite of Web-based product lifecycle management services, by Arena Solutions (reviews)
  • AutoManager Meridian - Web-based document management, from Cyco Software (reviews)
  • AutoManager Workflow - document management software package that manages more than 225 document formats including CAD drawings, office documents, spreadsheets, memos, scanned images, and related data throughout their life cycle. From Cyco Software.
  • AutoMate Corporation - makers of Cadmandu software for managing and viewing engineering and office documents
  • Aviator Software - a document management system for Lotus Notes or on a Domino server
  • cab-i-net - allows users to file, search and retrieve general office and CAD documents through a browser-like interface. From tsaADVET. 
  • CADD Solutions - makers of WrenchSolution EDM software
  • Columbus Pro - combined navigator and viewer--also has free version, by Oasys (reviews)
  • Conisio  - document management solution by GCS Scandinavia (reviews)
  • Cimage NovaSoft - document management and workflow solutions to the manufacturing, utilities, oil and process industries. Products include NovaManager and Cimage e3.
  • Cyco Software - creators of AutoManager Workflow EDM software and the Web-based AutoManager Meridian application
  • Cypress Corporation - document management software for archiving, report distribution, document search and retrieval, and output
  • DataBase Publishing Software - customized documentation management software
  • DataStor - document management and archiving
  • DataTrade - integrated document management software using Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) and document imaging
  • DesignDataManager (DDM) - Windows based 2D/3D design, document and project data management, by CSI
  • Digital Paper Corporation - makers of Web-based software, including docQuest, to collect, manage and deliver technical content enterprise-wide and B2B, and myDigitalPaper, a free service that allows users to try out docQuest; and Intranet Docs, a suite of tools that allows Web-based access to view, edit, mail and print wide-format documents
  • Digitech Systems - paperflow and papervision for OCR, COLD, Internet imaging, multiple-project scanning, automation, and data migration
  • Document Control Systems - filing and record-keeping systems
  • Document Locator - stores and manages with full-text searching documents on shared file systems, including CAD, scanned docs (.tifs), PDFs, more, by ColumbiaSoft
  • Docupoint - makers of Web-based document search and publishing tools, including DrawingSearcher, Whip-n-Post! and Zing! (reviews)
  • echive - application suite designed to index, organize, find and distribute any documents, from office files to complex CAD drawings, Open Archive Systems.
  • EDM For Windows - project-based document manager offers check-in and check-out, locally edited files, VPN, intranet and WAN support, with a free TCP/IP database server. From SpireTech.
  • Eigner PLM - suite of 8 modules to aid the product development and delivery process
  • Electronic Imaging Systems of America, Inc. - TARGET software, scanned image systems, COLD and document conversion services
  • Empress Software - provides tools for data management, quick prototyping of applications and for developing high-performance production applications for PC, UNIX and real-time environments
  • EPSIIA Corporation (formerly PSI Technologies) - large-scale information storage and retrieval, EDMS, COLD, and more
  • FileNET - integrated document management
  • FileDisk, Inc. - software for full indexing and retrieval, advanced OCR, security, support for OLE and DDE applications, and consulting services
  • Green Pasture Software - creator of Web-based document management tools, including G5 for Lotus Domino.doc and W/EDGE for FileNET’s Panagon
  • Hyland Software, Inc. - OnBase document management system combining document imaging, COLD and Workflow
  • HyperSystems - interactive, multimedia and archival and retrieval system
  • ImageTech Corporation - document management software using imaging technology
  • - develops, sells and document repository software with integrated Internet, workflow, print-on-demand, electronic distribution and archive capabilities
  • IntelliFlo - workflow, document management, based in London, England, UK
  • Intergraph - information management software
  • Interneer Inc. - enables Web-based design process automation and technical knowledge management
  • IntraNETIX - an instant intranet or extranet software server that allows you to search, view and print large-format CAD drawings and scanned images. From IDEAL Scanners & Systems.
  • iProject - offers CAD document management in a Web browser (or intranet/extranet), with drag-n-drop, revision control, redline, discussions and access rights
  • ISIS Papyrus - document management tools
  • KeyNet, Inc. - Co-Star document management system and custom application analysis, design, and development
  • KONIG CM - EDM, PDM, configuration management and workflow by Auto-trol (product formerly called CENTRA 2000)
  • Kruse Software - makers of applications for viewing, sharing and archiving CAD and office records for engineering projects, facilities and business users. Products include Kruse Control, which enables both designers and non-technical users to access and markup documents.
  • McLaren Enterprise Engineer - used by owner operators and contractors in the process manufacturing, utilities and engineering, design and construction sectors to manage the content and automate the process used construction and maintenance projects
  • Metaphase - CAD-neutral product knowledge management solution, from PLM Solutions
  • MindManager - capture, organize and communicate information and ideas, by Mindjet (reviews)
  • Mindwrap  - document management systems for Macintosh and Windows
  • Modultek - makers of Aton software and other product data management tools for companies that manufacture configure-to-order products with long lifecycles (review)
  • Motiva eChange Solutions - provides secure access from anywhere for design information, integration with CAD and desktop systems and enterprise-wide collaboration. From Entrada Software.
  • NMatrix - document management, scanning and imaging solutions, and internet/intranet products
  • Newgen - document management software
  • NovaSoft Systems - document and integrated workflow management
  • Oce EngineeringExec - document management and web-based collaboration (reviews)
  • OpenText - makers of Livelink, e-collaborative and document-management software products
  • OTG Software - document management, imaging, COLD and file access management
  • PDT Europe - a portal for product data management, e-business and STEP resources that includes many Web links to related companies and services and its own PDT newspaper
  • Phoenix Integration, Inc. - makers of ModelCenter and other products and processes to integrate and automate dataflow between applications across the enterprise
  • ProductCenter - collaborative product data management by Softech
  • Projectmates - online AEC project management tool allows users to communicate, collaborate visually on documents with AutoVue for JAVA and monitor project progress. By Systemates.
  • Securit-e-Doc - server based software that allows you to transport, retrieve, and store any type of file securely over the Internet
  • SimpleScan Software - enterprise-wide document management software
  • SLATE - requirements management software, from PLM Solutions
  • SmarTeam - product data and document management, workflow and change process and collaborative commerce solutions. From Smart Solutions (reviews)
  • Softscape Incorporated - information search and retrieval, universal viewing and publishing with object-based file management
  • Stonebridge Technologies - e-business solutions
  • SyncroSpec - makers of Web applications for engineering and manufacturing collaboration and management of specifications across organization and supply chain boundaries. From Product Sight.
  • Synergis Adept - data and document management software that provides a single point of control for engineering and other business critical documents over a LAN, WAN or across the Internet (reviews)
  • TITLELink - drawing data manager by Aimasoft
  • Tessel Systems - HyperDoc software for composite documents integrated with database applications
  • TREEV - develops and markets document management technologies, provides client/server and internet solutions for document management, imaging, enterprise report management and workflow process reengineering
  • Trix Organizer - an archiving system that stores CAD files, scans, spreadsheets and text documents for rapid search, retrieval and display. Employs and maintains users' legacy file structures so file relocation is not required. From Trix Systems.
  • U.S. Design Corporation - makers and suppliers of software and hardware for data storage management, including the Optical SuperSTOR and Universal SuperSTOR applications
  • VueLink - works with Documentum, Lotus Notes, Matrix-One and PC DOCS. By Cimmtry Systems.
  • WD3 - offers Web, workstation, and wireless solutions for collaborative data, document and drawing management. From Bamboo Solutions.
  • Windchill - product and process lifecycle software from PTC (reviews)
  • WinSPEX - document system for packaging and raw material specifications, bills of material, SOPS, artwork/graphics and CAD
  • World Software Corporation - WORLDOX 8, Windows document manager providing support for Microsoft Office Suite 2000 and Corel Office Suite 2000



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