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1. Thinking Beyond Lean : How Multi-Project Management Is Transforming Product Development at Toyota and Other Companies
by Michael A. Cusumano, Kentaro Nobeoka
Cusumano, along with Richard Selby, previously analyzed Bill Gates' competitive strategy in Microsoft Secrets (1995), but he also took an earlier look at Toyota in The Japanese Automobile Industry (1985). That book looked at the technological and managerial practices of both Toyota and Nissan. Now...
2. Construction Scheduling With Primavera Project Planner
by Leslie Feigenbaum
I fully recommend this book for any new user of P3. I considered it as a "must have" title.
3. Estimating Excavation
by Deryl Burch
Jason A. Stubler , January 20, 2000
Make More Money
It seems hard to believe but after reading this book it all makes sense. Why estimate in detail rather than a lump sum? This book takes you step-by-step through estimating. It start from the site visit, to the calculations, and to your final presentation of the bid. This book shows you how to...
4. Building the Corporate Intranet
by Steven L. Guengerich(Editor), et al
Building a corporate intranet requires integrating two very different technologies: Web development tools and enterprise-wide legacy systems. The authors, leading consults at BSG, explain the tools and techniques necessary for building an intranet system. This book shows how to plan, design and...
5. Contractor's Guide to Quickbooks Pro99
by Karen Mitchell, et al
6. Total Construction Project Management
by George J. Ritz
From Book News, Inc. , November 1, 1994
A practical guide for construction managers on how to complete construction projects as specified, on schedule, and within budget, by gaining control over the entire construction management process, from initiation to close-out of the completed facility. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc....
7. Construction Operations Manual of Policies and Procedures
by Andrew M., Jr. Civitello
From Book News, Inc. , November 1, 1994
An updated and expanded manual (1st ed., 1983) covering all phases of construction and operations management, including company organization and quality assurance, company and project administration, contracts and construction contracts, project engineering, site superintendence, safety and loss...
8. Builder's Guide to Accounting
by Michael C. Thomsett
The author, Michael Thomsett , April 6, 1998
Updated new edition
This book has been fully updated for the latest information about designing and taking control of your construction accounting system. It describes in detail all of the facets you need to know about -- whether you keep your books yourself or you need to know how to talk to your accountant.
9. Building and Managing the Corporate Intranet
by Ronald L. Wagner, et al
Book Description
Using World Wide Web technology, Intranets give employees access to internal company data such as personnel and client records and policy information. This book paves the way for network administrators and MIS and DP professionals to create and manage versatile Intranets with a minimum of effort and...
10. Construction Scheduling With Primavera Project Planner
by David A. Marchman
Book Description
A one-of-a-kind reference on the industry's premier scheduling tool! This practical, hands-on book weaves the use of Primavera Project Planner software through traditional scheduling topics: schedule development, activity definition, relationships, calculations, and more. With this step-by-step...
11. Facilities Planning and Relocation : A Complete Management System Including : Comprehensive Text, Sample Specifications, over 50 Forms...Reproducible
by David D. Owen
Mrs Jean Hewitt , November 7, 1999
Excellent and practical guide. Invaluable reference work.
A friend purchased this book for me one Christmas. As a facilities consultant with several projects a year relocating commercial organisations, it's probably the most useful book I've had the pleasure to use - the forms are comprehensive and can be adapted for specific requirements. A worthwhile buy...
12. Time-Saver Details for Store Planning and Design
by Charles E. Broudy(Contributor), et al
From Book News, Inc. , June 1, 1995
Shows generic floor plans and store layouts for 20 major store types; presents precise graphic details such as standard dimensioning and specifications; and gives guidelines for quick, accurate planning. Coverage includes all types of retail stores, with essential information for standard shelving,...
13. Designing and Evaluating Games and Simulations : A Process Approach
by Margaret Gredler
From Book News, Inc. , August 1, 1994
Provides a practical model to help trainers and teachers design games and simulations, based on an analysis of the role of academic games in the classroom and the different processes that propel different simulators. Covers games for the educational setting, including computer and non-computers...
14. Project Scheduling and Management for Construction
by David R. Pierce
Book News, Inc.
Unlike texts that simply describe the activities and calculations used in the Critical Path method of scheduling, this book shows the project manager how to think through each detail while being mindful of efficiency and cost. A straightforward sample project is introduced in chapter two and carried...
15. Construction Management, 2nd Edition
by Daniel W. Halpin, Ronald W. Woodhead
Book Description
This book introduces readers to the complex business of developing and constructing a major facility or structure. It features two new chapters on construction operations and quality managementboth hot topics. It also addresses using computers to design and model. Read more
16. Professional Construction Management: Including Contracting C M, Design-Construct, and General Contracting
by Donald S. Barrie, Boyd C. Paulson (Contributor)
Book Description
The subjects covered in this book include those normally studied in an introductory overview course on construction management, and there is enough depth and added material to serve as the basis for a more advanced course focusing on organizational and contractual approaches to project management...
17. Tests That Work: Designing and Delivering Fair and Practical Measurement Tools in the Workplace
by Odin Westgaard
Book Description
The only resource available dedicated to people in business and industry that wish to write and use tests for assessing of skills and knowledge of the workforce.
Brief Description: Tests and assessments are one of the most valuable business tools for assessing skills, knowledge, and abilities of the...
18. Web Commerce Cookbook
by Gordon McComb
Book Description
This hands-on book offers step-by-step recipes for creating a profitable and secure Web site. It provides all the tools a developer needs to sell wares and content through the Internet. With this nuts-and-bolts book, Webmasters and programmers can use the customizable programming code, HTML pages,...
19. Facilities Planning
by James A. Tompkins(Editor), et al
From Book News, Inc. , June 1, 1996
A revised edition text presenting facilities planning from an analytical model. Written for engineering and architectural students, it outlines requirement definitions, alternative techniques in material handling, computer-aided layout, quantitative facilities planning models, and selection,...
20 Stadia : A Design and Development Guide
by Geraint John, Rod Sheard (Contributor)
The Ace , August 23, 1998
Possibly the best architectural look at stadiums available!
Definitely one of my favorite books on the shelf. STADIA provides a unique, not seen before look at the architectural structures of todays sports stadiums. Fun to read over and back and around again. Gives ideas that provide a basis for drawings and blueprints.
21. Iso 9000 in Construction
by Paul A. Nee
From Book News, Inc. , August 1, 1996
An ISO 9000 compliance handbook directed specifically toward the construction industry and companies seeking international building contracts. Nee (quality manager, DORMA Door Controls, Inc.) introduces ISO 9000 concepts and standards, showing how they can be implemented by using quality manuals,...
22. How To Get Paid for Construction Changes : Preparation and Resolution Tools and Techniques
by Steven S. Pinnell
Book Description
A definitive work on the practical aspects of claim preparation and resolution. It will include a thorough overview and explanation of construction law and contracts for both the novice and experienced construction manager. Current methods and techniques will be included along with helpful...
23. The Evolution of a Manufacturing Systems at Toyota
by Takahiro Fujimoto
24. Construction Law
by Brian M. Samuels
The publisher, Prentice-Hall Career & Technology
Samuels provides construction students and professionals with a practical, usable guide to the basic principles surrounding construction law. His purpose is two-fold--first, to educate readers as to the concepts and rules which comprise construction law, and second, to provide practical advice which...
25. 2000 Construction Accounting Deskbook : Financial, Tax, Accounting, Management, and Legal Answers
by Hugh L. Rice, John Callan
Card catalog description
"Your Construction Accounting Deskbook is built to address accounting, taxation, financial administration, management, and legal issues specific to the construction industry. You'll get thorough explanation of fundamental terms and in-depth, step-by-step guidance for complex subjects, including...


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