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1. Foundation Analysis and Design
by Joseph E. Bowles
The revision of this best-selling text for a junior/senior course in Foundation Analysis and Design now includes an IBM computer disk containing 16 compiled programs together with the data sets used to produce the output sheets, as well as new material on sloping ground, pile and pile group...
2. Soil Mechanics in Engineering Practice
by Karl Terzaghi, et al
Book Description
This book is one of the best-known and most respected books in geotechnical engineering. In its third edition, it presents both theoretical and practical knowledge of soil mechanics in engineering. It features expanded coverage of vibration problems, mechanics of drainage, passive earth pressure,...
3. Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering : Design and Construction (Professional Engineering)
by Robert W. Day
From the Back Cover
Improve your engineering design potential by mastering the practical aspects of modern geotechnical and foundation engineering. This book takes you step by step through the typical process of a design project--from the initial writing of a proposal for engineering services to the final preparation...
4.Principles of Geotechnical Engineering (Pws Series in Civil Engineering)
by Braja M. Das
Book Description
Braja Das's exceptionally clear theoretical explanations realistic worked examples thorough explanation of field testing methods and extensive problem sets have made this book the leader in its field. Its balanced coverage of theoretical concepts of soil properties and mechanics and field practice...
5.Foundation Behavior and Repair: Residential and Light Construction
by Robert Wade Brown
Book News, Inc.
Provides engineers, architects, appraisers, and inspectors practical insight into the basic foundation construction and behavior in residential and light commercial structures. Discusses site drainage, engineering, preparation, and development; soil mechanics and chemistry and foundation design;...
6. Foundation Repair Manual
by Robert Wade Brown
Book Description
This book offers the most authoritative source for information on repairing damaged foundations. Also offered is excellent advice on maintenance and preventative measures designed to avoid the need for repair. Based on many years' experience and written by an internationally recognized authority,...
7. Unsaturated Zone Hydrology for Scientists and Engineers
by James A. Tindall, et al
From Book News, Inc.
A textbook for a one-semester upper-level undergraduate or first-year graduate course for students in environmental science, hydrology, engineering, or related fields. Assumes a good mathematics background and some previous study of one of the earth or physical sciences. Explains the major processes...
8. Biotechnical and Soil Bioengineering Slope Stabilization : A Practical Guide for Erosion Control
by Donald H. Gray, et al
From Book News, Inc. , December 1, 1996
A guide to the selection, construction, and installation of soil bioengineering and biotechnical slope protection against erosion and mass wasting, for professionals and students in geotechnical engineering, geology, soil science, forestry, landscape architecture, and restoration ecology. Coverage...
9. Essentials of Soil Mechanics and Foundations: Basic Geotechnics
by David F. McCarthy, Davud F. McCarthy
From Book News, Inc.
Introduces geotechnics to students in engineering, architectural, and construction-related academic programs, covering basic theories of soil behavior and practical applications. Contains sections on background and basics such as soil types and site investigation, engineering properties and behavior...
10. An Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
by Robert D. Holtz, William D. Kovacs
The publisher, Prentice-Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics
A descriptive, elementary introduction to geotechnical engineering -- with applications to civil engineering practice.
11. Karl Terzaghi : The Engineer As Artist
by Richard E. Goodman
From Book News, Inc.
Himself a civil engineer, Goodman describes the professional and intellectual development of his colleague Terzaghi (1883-1963), widely known as the father of soil mechanics. He culls from Terzaghi's published and unpublished papers and previously private diaries the story of how he struggled to...
12. Slope Stability and Stabilization Methods
by Lee W. Abramson, et al
The publisher, John Wiley & Sons
A one-stop source to the understanding and application of slope stability analyses for construction and remediation projects. Contains general background information, suitable techniques of analysis with and without the use of computers and examples of common stability problems and stabilization...
13. Foundation Design: Principles and Practices
by Donald P. Coduto
The publisher, Prentice-Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics
Provides readers with practical methods of designing structural foundations, while emphasizing and explaining how and why foundations behave the way they do. Explains the theories and experimental data behind the design procedures, and how to apply this information to real-world problems.
14. Advanced Soil Mechanics
by Braja M. Das
From Book News, Inc.
Just as soil requires a well-balanced mix, DAS (California State U., Sacramento) provides a dual-purpose civil engineering advanced text and professional reference<-->taking into account the increased interest in environmental geotechnology. Topics span: soil aggregate classification systems, stresses...
15. Shallow Foundations : Bearing Capacity and Settlement
by Braja M. Das
Book News, Inc.
Das (California State University) compiles the relevant material on shallow foundation behavior under static and dynamic loads into one concise guide to shallow foundation bearing capacities and the effects of different soil types, slopes, settlement, reinforcement, and seismic activity. Coverage...
16. Soil Mechanics
by T. William Lambe, Robert V. Whitman (Contributor)
17. Soils and Foundations
by Cheng Liu, Jack Evett (Contributor)
From Book News, Inc.
A introductory textbook on soil mechanics and foundations for students of civil engineering. Emphasizes design and practical applications supported by basic theory. Includes example problems throughout and work problems at the end of each chapter. First published in 1981 and updated here from the...
18. Builder's Guide to Foundations & Floor Framing (Builders Guide Series)
by Dan Ramsey
From Book News, Inc. , June 1, 1996
A simple and easy to read guide to foundations and floor framing for residential and light commercial construction, written for construction workers, contractors, and ambitious homeowners. Ramsey explains how to install, maintain, and repair foundations, covering: general introductory information,...
19. Principles of Soil Dynamics (Pws-Kent Series in Engineering)
by Braja M. Das
Book Description
* In-depth coverage of themost recent developments and applications in soil dynamics. * Fundamental concepts presented in a straight forward manner. * Uses both SI and English units in the text. * Numerous practical engineering applications and examples illustrate key principles.
20 Soil Behaviour and Critical State Soil Mechanics
by David Muir Wood
21. Simplified Design of Building Foundations, 2nd Edition
by James E. Ambrose
The publisher, John Wiley & Sons
A fast guide to solving common design problems in building foundations, now in a new edition. Includes new material on settlements, soil modification, pole foundations, braced excavations, waterfront foundations, and slope stabilization. Written for those without full training as structural or...
22. Basic Soil Mechanics
by R. Whitlow
From Book News, Inc. , April 1, 1989
A text in the basic theory and principles of soil mechanics, for undergraduate courses toward degrees in civil engineering and allied disciplines. Includes a variety of worked examples and practice exercises; some topics are extended to meet needs of post-graduate workers and professional engineers....
23. Standard Guidelines for the Design and Installation of Pile Foundations (American Society of Civil Engineers.)
by American Society of Civil Engineers
24. Fundamentals of Soil Behavior, 2nd Edition
by James K. Mitchell
From Book News, Inc. , August 1, 1993
A revised and updated text-reference (first edition, 1975), primarily for graduate students and researchers in geotechnical engineering, having as its purpose the development of an understanding of the factors determining and controlling the engineering properties of soils, with emphasis on the why...
25. Foundation Vibration Analysis Using Simple Physical Models
by John P. Wolf
The publisher, Prentice-Hall ECS Professional
Offering a strength-of-materials approach to foundation dynamics, this volume shows how to use such simple physical models (cones, lumped-parameter models, and prescribed wave patterns in the horizontal plane) for analysis of foundation vibration problems that result from earthquakes, machine


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