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1. Site Work and Landscape Cost Data 2000 (Means Site Work and Landscape Cost Data, 2000)
by R. S. Means Staff(Editor)
2. The Site Calculations Pocket Reference
by Ed Hannan
Book Description
The ultimate field companion for construction professionals. Put it in your pocket--and go! At last! All of the formulas and calculations you need most when working on-site--in one handy pocket reference. Invaluable for all areas of general site construction, it gives you fast access to the...
3. Conceptual Cost Estimating Manual (Estimator's Man-Hour Library)
by John S. Page
Book Description
These time-honored manuals provide the tried-and-true information you need for making the most thorough and accurate labor and cost estimates in the most efficient manner. The hundreds of man-hour tables in these manuals are the product of hundreds of time and method studies conducted in the field...
4. 2000 National Building Cost Manual (National Building Cost Manual, 2000)
by Dave Ogershok
5.Square Foot Costs 2000 (Means Square Foot Costs, 2000)
by John H. Ferguson(Editor)
6.Cost Planning & Estimating for Facilities Maintenance : Evaluating & Budgeting Operations, Maintaining & Repairing Major Building Components, applying
7. Bridge and Structure Estimating
by J. David Nardon
From Book News, Inc. , November 1, 1996
Shows civil and structural engineers, contractors, and estimators how to determine precisely the actual costs of constructing modern bridges, dams, and drainage structures while minimizing risks for the company. Explains the link between estimating and project management, detailed takeoff...
8. Estimating and Bidding for Heavy Construction
by Stuart H. Bartholomew
From the Back Cover
Reflecting the author's 50 years of experience in the heavy construction industry, this is the only book of its kind. It is comprehensive enough to integrate the basic principles of cost estimating and bidding in one convenient volume, and it identifies the organizational and analytical processes...


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