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1. Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain
by Warren C. Young
From Book News, Inc. , March 1, 1989
Sixth edition, revised and updated, of the classic engineering reference, formerly titled Formulas for stress and strain (5th ed., 1975). Features new data and information on such components as curved beams, thin- and thick-walled shells, and the properties of plane areas. The bulk of the book is...
2. Seismic Design of Building Structures : A Professional's Introduction to Earthquake Forces and Design Details
by Michael R. Lindeburg
I purchased the 7th edition of this book in late 1999 for study of the April 2000 California Special Seismic Exam for Civil Engineers. This book claims to be "A Professional's Introduction to Earthquake
3. Land Development Handbook
by Dewberry, et al
From Book News, Inc. , August 1, 1996
A comprehensive reference on the land development design process, for professionals including engineers, planners, surveyors, architects, attorneys, and developers. Sections on local government planning and regulatory functions; securing project approvals; site analysis; environmental...
4. Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater (Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 20th Edition)
by Arnold E. Greenberg(Editor), et al
From Book News, Inc. , November 1, 1993
Previous editions are cited in Sheehy and BCL3. Presents the best available and generally accepted procedures for the analysis of waters of a wide range of quality, including water suitable for domestic or industrial supplies, surface water, ground water, cooling or circulating water,...
5. Design of Wood Structures: Allowable Stress Design, 4/e
by Donald E. Breyer, et al
Book Description
This classic text on wood design, incorporates the 1997 National Design Specifications for Wood Construction (NDS) being released later this year by the American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA), including the 1997 Uniform Building Code (UBC) and the latest information on loading criteria and...
6. Foundation Analysis and Design
by Joseph E. Bowles
Book Description
The revision of this best-selling text for a junior/senior course in Foundation Analysis and Design now includes an IBM computer disk containing 16 compiled programs together with the data sets used to produce the output sheets, as well as new material on sloping ground, pile and pile group...
7. Moving the Earth : The Workbook of Excavation
by Herbert L. Nichols, et al
From Book News, Inc.
New edition of a text on the excavation industry that introduces a new co-author and is updated to reflect methods used according to current requirements and regulations. The first 11 chapters discuss the work itself and the basic ways to do it, the machines and operation techniques, the problems...
8.  Estimating Excavation
by Deryl Burch
Jason A. Stubler , January 20, 2000
Make More Money
It seems hard to believe but after reading this book it all makes sense. Why estimate in detail rather than a lump sum? This book takes you step-by-step through estimating. It start from the site visit, to the calculations, and to your final presentation of the bid. This book shows you how to...
9. Basic Surveying
by W. S. Whyte, et al
10. Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders (Parker-Ambrose Series of Simplified Design Guides)
by Harry Parker, James E. Ambrose
From Book News, Inc. , January 1, 1994
The latest edition of a classic that was first published in 1938. Pragmatically focused with respect to the concerns of the designers and constructors of buildings, the volume presents a minimum of fundamental structural mechanics and a digest of the basic issues regarding common forms of...
11. Steel Structures : Design and Behavior : Emphasizing Load and Resistance Factor Design
by Charles G. Salmon, John E. Johnson
From Book News, Inc. , May 1, 1990
Presents the background needed for developing and explaining design requirements. This edition (the first was 1971) reflects the formal adoption by the American Institute of Steel Construction of a specification for Load and Resistance Factor Design. For beginning and more advanced undergraduate...
12. Gps for Land Surveyors
by Jan Van Sickle, Jan Van Sickle
From Book News, Inc. , November 1, 1996
An introduction to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and a practical guide to the techniques used in a GPS survey. Van Sickele, a surveyor himself, simplifies the math while still presenting the most important elements of the GPS design and technology, covering biases and solutions, receivers and...
13. Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers (Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers, 4th Ed)
by Frederick S. Merritt(Editor), et al
From Book News, Inc. , June 1, 1996
A comprehensive guide to principles and techniques for effective civil engineering practice, cited in BCL3 and Sheehy. This revised and updated edition (third was 1983) incorporates significant changes in design, construction, materials, and equipment, including code changes from the...
14 Softdesk Civil : Using the Power of Softdesk
by Phillip J. Zimmerman
Book Description
Perfect for those people who are starting or continuing their career in surveying or civil engineering. This book adds actual design and drafting tools to basic AutoCAD training. It offers reviews of concepts and tools used in survey and civil engineering within the context of the AutoCAD...
15. Handbook of Hydraulics : For the Solution of Hydraulic Engineering Problems
by Ernest F. Brater, et al
From Book News, Inc. , August 1, 1996
This revised and updated seventh edition (first incarnation by a previous author in 1918, with the most recent being 1976) is designed to help practicing engineers solve hydraulic engineering problems. New features include an extensive listing of some 150 computer software programs; general...
16. Finite Element Modeling for Stress Analysis
by Robert Cook
Book Description
Oriented toward those who will use finite elements (FE) rather than toward theoreticians and computer programmers. Emphasizes the behavior of FE and how to use the FE method successfully. Includes several examples of FE analysiseach one features a critique of the accuracy of the solutions....
17. Practical Manual of Land Development
by Barbara Colley
From Book News, Inc. , March 1, 1994
Revised and updated edition (the first was published in 1986 under the title Practical Manual of Site Development) of a reference for civil engineers and other professionals working on land development projects, providing practical information on all aspects of the field, from the factors involved...
18. Land Surveyor-In-Training - Sample Examination (Land Surveyor Review Series)
by George M. Cole
Geremy J Russell , January 7, 2000
Good starting place for LSIT
While this book will not totally prepare you for the exam, it will give you a basic idea of the format and content. The Land Surveyor Reference Manual is a very good book for in-depth study.
19. Finite Element Procedures
by Klaus-Jurgen Bathe
Booknews, Inc. , November 1, 1995
A text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses on finite element analysis or for self-study by engineers and scientists, developed from the author's earlier Finite Element Procedures in Engineering Analysis (Prentice-Hall, 1982). It does not present a survey of finite element methods, but...
20. Total Construction Project Management
by George J. Ritz
From Book News, Inc. , November 1, 1994
A practical guide for construction managers on how to complete construction projects as specified, on schedule, and within budget, by gaining control over the entire construction management process, from initiation to close-out of the completed facility. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc....
21. Mechanics of Materials
by James M. Gere, Stephen P. Timoshenko (Contributor)
Book Description
Emphasizes the fundamental concepts and applications of strength of materials while developing students analytical and problem solving skills.
22. Construction Operations Manual of Policies and Procedures
by Andrew M., Jr. Civitello
From Book News, Inc. , November 1, 1994
An updated and expanded manual (1st ed., 1983) covering all phases of construction and operations management, including company organization and quality assurance, company and project administration, contracts and construction contracts, project engineering, site superintendence, safety and loss...
23. Peterson's Stress Concentration Factors, 2nd Edition
by Walter D. Pilkey, et al
Book News, Inc.
Establishes a system of data classification for all of the applications of stress and strain analysis and expedites their synthesis into CAD applications, presenting stress concentration factors both graphically and with formulas. This second edition employs computer-generated art to portray...


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